Working for a Living

Street pavers in Pittsburgh.

Street paving crew working in front of our house in Pittsburgh.

Photo by Mary Ecsedy.

This section contains posts and articles about the challenges of working for a living, and the satisfaction of a job well done. The work ethic is essential for civilized human beings.

Working in Pittsburgh, PA


Recollections of a Field Engineer

During the late 60s and early 70s, Anheuser-Busch underwent a period of accelerated growth to become the world's largest brewing company. My father, Roger W. Collins, was hired by AB in 1966 as a designer in the Electrical Design Section of the company's Engineering Department, and participaged in the massive expansion work for the next decade. This is his memoir of that experience. (Full Article)

Working in Pittsburgh, PA

The Chocolate Covered Donuts

They forgot that chocolate is sticky

They tried to save labor costs and repurposed a packaging line intended for potato chips to package chocolate-covered donuts instead. It didn't work out. (Full Article)

The cost of transporting products is an important part of planning.

Transporting Bakery Products

They forgot to include the cost of transportation

Business is all about saving money, but you have to remember ALL your costs when calculating the ROI. (Full Article)

Bakery automation - a project management problem example.

Automating a Product Conveyor

Timing is everything

In all the planning for automating their product packaging conveyor, they overlooked an important detail: the rate at which the product came off the line would not accommodate the automation, and could not be altered. (Full Article)


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